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HypnoBirthing® Class

HypnoBirthing® is learned in a series of 5 classes that each last 2-1/2 hours.  The classes build on each other and cannot be signed up for individually.  If you feel the need to go over the material in one class again, that is included in the cost of the course.  As the classes include hypnosis work, they cannot be compressed into one 12-1/2 hour day, or even 2 days that are 6 hours long.

For cost management reasons, classes are conducted in groups of 5-6 couples, with a cost of $180/couple, including handouts.  The book can be purchased separately, or purchased at the beginning of the first class for $15.  We want this method to be available to everyone, and so financial arrangements are available to those who need to make them.

If groups do not reach 5-6 couples, cost will increase proportionally.  Cancellations do not affect group cost.