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2525 S. Rural Rd.
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Tempe, AZ
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Reiki Treatment - Hands of Light

Reiki is an old and honored practice that can bring relief in many areas. This is healing similar to the laying on of hands. Let Elisabeth, certified Reiki Master, help you clear your energy body of unnecessary debris.  Full session, 1 hour of relaxation and healing at a deep level. $50

Reiki Initiation - Level 1, Level 2

The old and honored practice of Reiki is passed down from master to teacher in a specific manner.   Once initiated to Level 1, you are Reiki forever and any future attunements will only refine the energy as you experience it.   Level 1 initiation is required prior to Level 2 initiation, please be able to provide a certificate.  $100 per initiation, group discount rates are given as classroom training/inititiation - please ask about current schedule.