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Almost anyone could benefit from a past life regression.  This hypnotherapy method would be of particular benefit to any person who:

  • Thinks they might have been here before.
  • Has an issue that does not seem to match current lifestyle, experience, or background.
  • Is having recurring dreams about, daydreams involving, or flashes of another time and place.
  • Feels displaced in some way, or alienated.
  • Has a challenge that does not seem to resolve with any other method of therapy.
  • Experiences thoughts or has behavior that cannot seem to be consciously controlled.
  • Remembers a past life but can't seem to access it fully.
  • Has a deep belief in or passion about something that seems like a strange or unusual choice.
  • Believes in reincarnation.
  • Does not believe in reincarnation but is willing to be open minded in the pursuit of healing and/or resolution.
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