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Hypnotherapy is a method of accessing the power of your subconscious mind by allowing a qualified hypnotherapist to help you to relax and calm your conscious mind. The objective of any hypnotherapy session is to reach deeper states of inner awareness. These deeper states act as a bridge between the mind, the body, and the spirit, thereby allowing you to retrieve your own answers in your own way.
A hypnotherapy past life regression releases the subconscious mind from all constraints of time and space, allowing for greater flexibility in expression of whatever there is to be expressed.   The bridges between body, mind and spirit are built in the same way as in a regular hypnotherapy session - they just have a broader span.
As human beings we all tend to judge and evaluate events and situations.  Most of us can be very hard on ourselves that way.  Blame, shame, and guilt can keep us tied to the problem so tightly that we are unable to find, or even seek, the solution.
Removal from the here and now allows an event to be viewed from a different perspective.  Any event that happened a thousand years ago is bound to look different today.

And this is how past life regression works - it provides an opportunity to release judgment and see oneself in a different way, even in a different context.
Past life regression can take those who believe in reincarnation to another lifetime.  While in this other lifetime, they learn who they were at that time, which usually leads to a better understanding of who they are in this time.  Unresolved issues from the past can be healed completely, and sometimes the results are just short of miraculous.
Great benefits are not limited to believers alone, those who don't believe in reincarnation can find just as much benefit as those who do.  During a past life regression session, a person is bound to admire the amazing creativity of their own subconscious mind when it sets out to heal.  The anonymity of a different place and a different time provides safety and shelter during the processing of even the deepest of circumstances.
All anybody needs to do in order to benefit from this type of hypnotherapy is be willing to suspend disbelief ... and relax.

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