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Yes! The first short story about past life regression and soul group healing is now available on Kindle! Paperback and Nook versions are in progress as well. Very exciting!

Does it seem too good to be true?  It isn't!  If you are ready to quit, if you are tired of cigarettes and smoking controlling your life and your finances, then hypnosis can work for you.  Quitting a pack a day habit can save you up to $2500/yr -- that's a lot of money!  What could you do with an extra $50/week? 

woo-hoo! The CD Baby process is complete and the CD is actually for sale. Searches find it. It's so cool. Meanwhile, it is also available in one store in Scottsdale. Hopefully other stores will follow and then we'll be on a roll. :)
I have received notice that CDBaby is in possession of the CDs we sent and they are being processed. That should take about a week, and then there will be a CDBaby page for buying them. It's so exciting!
Wow, the box is in the mail, those CDs will be available soon. What a feeling of accomplishment. The most fun thing I did this week had to be taking Randall's copies to him. I want this web site to include discussion of various aspects of hypnosis, but still need to figure out how to make that work. Am talking to the experts and assume we can make it happen somehow. Then I will be satisfied. At least, I hope that I will be. I find that even when I'm out of the corporate world I'm still a slave-driver and work really hard. I'm exploring the world of blogging. As I do it, I think that my friends remember my web pages before there was such a thing as blogging. Or at least, before it was called that. My thoughts on everything , on web pages. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Pretty interesting the way that works.
Ta-Daa! We have arrived. We finished production of our stress buster CD, submitted it to, and finally got this web site up. We're excited! We hope that everyone else is also excited - if not about us, about something. It's a great feeling.

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