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god - in charge of the universe

What can we say? He goes by many names*, but basically he's God, and we wouldn't be here without him. Wouldn't even want to be here without him. There are no dull moments! We are grateful.

*names can be male, female, or otherwise; we place no limits on God.

elisabeth - hypnosis

Elisabeth is a certified hypnotherapist who brings with her a lifetime of religious, philosophical, and spiritual study. Her path has been one of healing and integration, bringing together modalities that at first appear to be diverse or even in conflict.  She believes strongly that once we know the truth, the truth will set us free.

The path of learning and growth that Elisabeth has been given to walk has introduced her to many things. During more than ten years of healing herself and others, she has developed reliable methods for not only discerning the truth and following the guidance she receives, but also for helping others to find what they seek. She sincerely feels that the Truth that sets us free expresses itself in many forms.

Elisabeth's favorite thing about being a hypnotherapist is that she never knows what is coming next, and that makes each and every client a gift, a blessing, an honor. Your story is as sacred to her as it is (or could be) to you. Every session with Elisabeth is as unique and individual as the person in the chair.


john - recording/music

John brings a wealth of experience from an illustrious background as a musician and recording artist.  He believes in placing Respect, Integrity, Honesty & Quality Above All Else - which, you know, works for us!  The majority of John's recording business devolves on the spoken word in the form of audio books.  He also has a working knowledge of hypnosis, which is very helpful when Elisabeth tries to describe what she wants to accomplish with a recording.

John's work can be experienced in Healing Rain and Clock of Control.


randall - music/recording

Randall comes to us from somewhere else. We're not exactly sure where, but somewhere. Randall learned about music in Iowa. The University of Iowa, to be exact.

Several years and many horrific experiences later, Randall and Elisabeth found each other working in an office where neither of them really belonged. In a dream shortly after meeting Elisabeth said, "follow me," and Randall didn't really have anything better to do, so he shrugged and said "ok". Their progress along their paths has been both enlightening and entertaining.

Randall's work can be experienced in Stress Busters.