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Hypnosis and Relevant Information

Hypnobirthing® This link might be helpful for anyone interested in having a natural childbirth with the advantage of hypnosis techniques. Check it out! Elisabeth is a Hypnobirthing® practitioner.  Elisabeth did her training directly with Mickey Mongan and has held certification from the Hypnobirthing® Institute.

Baby Names and Meanings Baby names and their meanings, unique names for boys and girls, popular male and female name statistics and more. Fun site!

The International Center for Reiki Training Everything you ever wanted to know about Reiki but were afraid to ask. Everything that you really never cared to know about it can also be found here. Very informative site!

Recording Information

CD Baby The best place on the internet to find independent music. Lots of it, in all categories. And their service is great!

John Mahoney's Web Site All about John's fantastic recording studio - RavenPheat Productions Recording Studio.

John Mahoney's OTHER Web Site :-) All about recording an audio book with John - Raven Audio Books.

Hypnosis in Oprah's O Magazine

For Money Stress

"Get hypnotized. For years people have turned to hypnosis for help quitting smoking and losing weight, but the technique is also becoming popular among business types desperate to overcome financial stress, according to a November report in The Wall Street Journal. Generally, in hypnosis, a therapist uses verbal cues to put clients into a deeply relaxed state, where they become absorbed in their inner thoughts, then offers suggestions to shift an attitude so they can better tackle a problem. In this case, the suggestions might be "Money is energy that comes and goes" or "Your net worth doesn't equal your personal worth," to deflect the paralysis and insecurity that financial panic can cause. Ideally, clients learn the process on their own."

For Weight Loss

"Close your eyes. Imagine your food cravings floating away. Imagine a day of eating only what's good for you. Imagine hypnosis actually helping you lose weight - because the news is: It does."

For Stress-Induced Skin Problems

"Other treatments, like imaging, biofeedback, and hypnosis, not only relax patients but teach them to control physiological factors such as body temperature and skin moisture. 'Our bodies are more plugged into the pictures we have in our heads than into reality,' says Grossbart. 'If you hear the screen door slam and imagine it's the wind, for example, you're calm. If you imagine someone breaking in, you're going to produce adrenaline. Since many skin conditions are sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture, you can learn to pick an image—swimming in an Olympic-size pool of cool yogurt, say—that moves the skin in the right direction.'"

Hypnosis in the News

Hypnosis is an absolutely amazing and very effective way to address quitting smoking. As long as you are really ready to quit, as long as you're good and tired of cigarettes controlling your life instead of you, hypnosis can help you. This YouTube video shows interviews with some well known people who have quit smoking using hypnosis. Our methods are the same and would work just as well for you! :-)

Friends and Other Important People

Dr. Mitch, North Chiropractic I love Dr. Mitch, he's awesome. Not just because once shared his office space with me to help me get started, but because he has gifted hands. He kept me aligned during my corporate years, and I certainly didn't make that easy for him. My favorite quote from his web page is "understand that pain is not normal".

Potentially Useful Links

Coffee News of Scottsdale This is a fabulous way to advertise, and Patrick Lyons is awesome! Call now! :-)

TM4B - Text-Messaging for Business TM4B is a service based in London that provides commercial text-messaging with international coverage.

Affiliate Links

Credit Secrets Revealed Useful tips for fixing bad credit, explained for a reasonable purchase price. I've seen this same offering at a higher cost and don't think it's worth more than this. - Your Audio & Video Learning Resource This is a fabulous source for audio books and learning CDs.

Universal Wealth Creation I read the e-book and it's interesting. Not sure I want to become a millionaire the way he describes, but maybe you would like to.