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2525 S. Rural Rd.
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Tempe, AZ
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“I love the philosophy; I love the instructor’s teaching manner. Thanks to HypnoBirthing®, and the support I received, my baby’s birth was wonderful. I was confident and free of fear.”
Kristin Miranda, NH

“It was undoubtedly the most calm, exhilarating, beautiful birth (not to mention one of the shortest) I’ve attended so far as a birth doula. I plan to suggest it to all my upcoming clients.”
Leila Botsford, C.D.

“HypnoBirthing® has changed the way I practice obstetrics.”
Dr. Jeffrey Segil, FACOG, NH

“Outstanding! Easy-to-learn relaxation and breathing patterns guided me through a five- hour, pain-free labor. I will treasure the experience forever!”
Kim Sweers, FL

“Wonderful! I tell everyone that it is the only way…my doctor is so impressed!”
Katharine Oliver, NC

“My baby’s birth was the most amazing experience. I love this program and am deeply led to teach it.”  
Alicia Watson, CO


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